Gayaza High School Career Guidance day

Pamela Kadama Senkatuka Foundation (PKSF) sets out to inspire individuals and changing lives through education and skills building in young individuals especially the girls.

As one of its first activity, PKSF joined Gayaza Old Girls Association (GOGA) for a career guidance day at Gayaza High School on the 16th July 2016. Targeting Gayaza Junior P6 and P7 pupils as well as Gayaza High School S1 to S6.

PKSF is grateful to the 20-man team of volunteers, from a variety of professions who took part in this
great opportunity to inspire young individuals while giving back to Gayaza High School.
PKSF specially appreciates the HEALTH FOR ALL group, led by Diana Nkunda, Elec IV 2006 led by Eng
Judith Sengendo, and the individuals who never looked back when PKSF called upon them to join

All together, 1300 students and 600 parents lives were touched.
Last but not least, Thank you Gayaza High School Community for the warm welcome in the true
NEVER GIVE UP spirit. PKSF pledges to foster the growth of this collaboration as we go on to inspire
individual and change lives.