Pamela, a young, brilliant, enthusiastic electrical engineering professional, leader, wife and mother, was interested in the education and empowerment individuals especially the girl child.

She was the first female president for the Makerere University Engineering Society (MES), and believed in equal opportunities for women in leadership.
She lived by the Mahatma Gandhi principle “Be the change you would like to see in the world”.

A natural and very able change agent, she positively impacted the lives of those around her. Being a beneficiary of good personal and professional mentorship herself, Pamela keenly mentored and coached her friends, colleagues, relatives and others to improve their livelihoods, raise their education level, and pursue excellence in their professions.

Pamela was passionate about the use of innovation and research and the potential of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Science and Technology, to bring about positive change in the lives of others, especially those marginalised by society.
Additionally coming from a family deeply rooted in the health profession, she had a deep desire to harness the family’s collective experience, knowledge and skills to help Ugandans get better medical care.

Unfortunately, in May 2015, Pamela suffered from a short illness that required quality critical health care interventions.

Her premature passing on the 4th of June 2015, re-invigorated the family to fulfil her desire to be an active part of the change, to improve health outcomes and impact the lives of others through society’s participation and the use of ICT, research and engineering, causes that Pamela was very passionate about.

The PKS Foundation has been established in Pamela’s honour, to carry forward her values and passions by playing the role of change agent through leveraging innovation, technology, mentorships and capacity building that ultimately lead to equitable access to social services and improved well being.