We see young people empowered to achieve their full potential, and to bring about local community transformation.


We mentor young people especially women with social and life skills and provide career guidance, to enable them to achieve their full potential.


The Foundation’s institutional character is defined and propelled by the following beliefs and convictions:

  • Excellence: Service delivery founded in demonstrable best practice.
  • Integrity: Committed to always remaining accountable to our partners, beneficiaries and the public.
  • Empathy: being sensitive to the individual circumstances and needs of our program beneficiaries.
  • Inclusiveness: we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.


    1. To fully establish Pamela Kadama Senkatuka Foundation as a solid and credible institutional partner.
    2. To provide customized career and skills guidance to at least 200 students annually.
    3. To provide mentor-ship programs, opportunities and exposure to new technologies to students and interns/apprentices annually.